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    For 20 years, PRAXIS has a Project Management specialty area. The services adhere to the standards of the Project Management Institute (PMI®) a world-renown organization, leader in the definition of best practices and Project Management standards


    The Project Management specialty has more than 20 years of experience, and is supported by institutions internationally recognized (PMI®, IIBA®). It has resources, specialized services and custom processes for the selection of the ideal candidate, as well as a value-tracking model of services that allow the development of talent aligned with business, and the creation of a continuity plan of the consulting and training service On-Site and On-Line (ISO 9001 Certification), Project Management is an ally of PPM tools (Daptiv PPM, CA PPM)


  • uno praxis Decrease in the number of initiatives that are in conflict or are not aligned and unrequired projects.
  • dos praxis The expectations of your work collaborators are aligned to those of the company.
  • tres praxis An increased number of successfully finished projects thanks to the optimization of resources and internal processes.
  • cuatro praxis Cost reductions and Time to Market readily visible, if strictly-necessary projects are executed.
  • cinco praxis Optimization of access to information and precise results for timely decision making aligned with your strategic planning.
  • seis praxis Supervision and process control guaranteed managed by our expert team.



    The specialty of Project Management is related to all the practices to manage any project.

    Business Intelligence / BA & BPM / Cloud / IT Process Management / SAP / Solution Center.



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