Consulting Praxis Consulting

Nowadays, Consulting is one of the trends that have most influenced the development of services in the technology world in recent years. This consists in assigning the resources that better meet with a specific profile requested by the customer. Such assignment is also known as work per time and materials, this means, the customer is who decides for how long the service is needed and the work that the chosen person will do.

In PRAXIS, we are renowned for being an international corporation with a solid background and 20 years of experience at strengthening organizations. Through our Consulting modality or assignment of personnel, we help organizations to define strategies aligned with your workforce and intellectual capital needs. We provide human talent, constantly trained in the latest technologies and tools of each specialty.


  • uno praxis Tangible results thanks to the staff’supervision.
  • dos praxis Avant-garde applications resulted from the business knowledge of our consultants
  • tres praxis Staff specialized in business areas.
  • cuatro praxis Highly-motivated staff, who brings economic benefits for the organization.
  • cuatro praxis Savings in time and money
  • cuatro praxis Lower staff turnover.
  • cuatro praxis Increase of successfully finished projects in time, cost and quality.




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