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The Cloud specialty has stability in the market which gives us the experience in the new release of Information Technologies. We have strategic alliances, which allow us to provide solutions that guarantee the security of your data and business applications. In addition to its continuity of operation and the required growth of its infrastructure at the right time leading the administration of these solutions.

Cloud has leading technologies in the market, with national and international standards, in a flexible business model.


The specialty of Cloud offers greater agility, lower costs and access to advanced solutions and a wide range of experts specialized in cloud technology, as well as the design of the solution architecture and professional services for the migration or implementation of Cloud technology proposal. In a multi-cloud world, our main interest is to support our clients in their development in the step to the cloud that offers them the benefits and advantages that this model gives to their organization.


  • uno praxis Protection of investment by enabling coexistence with technologies based on stadards.
  • dos praxis Productivity increase.
  • tres praxis Reduction of OPEX operation costs up to a 50%.
  • cuatro praxis Expenses reduction on CAPEX infrastructure up to a 70%.
  • cinco praxis Flexible pricing model, PAY AS YOU GO.
  • seis praxis Support from the software factory for the integration of solutions for projects that may so require them, with the best specialized development staff.
  • siete praxis Support from suppliers and market-leading manufacturers.
  • ocho praxis Higher security levels against current emerging threats. Greater visibility and prevention.
  • nueve praxis Optimized availability of agile computing and mission-critical services delivered.



    Big Data/ Business Intelligence / Security / Financial Services / Mobile Solutions / Solution Center.



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