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Our Big Data Analytics specialty in PRAXIS, was born 4 years ago as a result of the growing demand for information analysis services, thus creating new ways of working with the data generated by organizations, not only with the objective of dealing with millions of these, also to understand how to interpret the stored information with greater scope.

Big Data will give you the results that your business needs, improving the sales of products or services to a specific audience, identifying which promotional campaigns you should invest in and which sector to do it, it will give you the vision of improvement in the planning of strategies focused on your business for better performance.


The Big Data specialty works with new generation tools and technologies that perform the work on a large scale with simpler results to read. We focus on developing proposals that are in line with your interests. Evaluating and studying carefully the results you want to obtain. We help you create synergy with the information generated in your organization by identifying successes or problems to solve.


Companies that implement Big Data Analytics projects are able to make decisions driven by data, which gives them tangible benefits such as

  • uno praxis Measurable growth in productivity and sales, in addition to greater returns in market value and other items.
  • dos praxis Analysis of the market behavior as close as possible to real time.
  • tres praxisLess Time to Market of digital strategies and marketing campaigns.
  • cuatro praxis Identify new business opportunities and niche markets before the competition.
  • cinco praxis Innovative ways to take advantage of information and maximize the scope of the knowledge generated, thanks to the analysis of the large volumes of data in the organization.
  • seis praxis Significant savings when implementing a Big Data solution, compared to the same solution in traditional database systems.
  • sietepraxis Generate areas for making more precise decisions at the tactical, strategic and managerial levels.
  • ocho praxis Have the ability to detect the tastes, preferences, buying habits and even the feelings of customers.
  • nueve praxis Optimize the operations of the organization, reducing costs, increasing results and therefore, increasing profitability.



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