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Procesos de negocio BA & BPM Business Processes BA & BPM


This specialty is focused on analyzing, modeling, automate and manage a business processes.


Specialty focused on having specialists and techniques focused on evaluating business initiatives, recommending technological and business solutions in order to achieve business goals.


In the specialty of Business Processes BA & BPM, we have a methodology of analysis and business processes, based on international standards combined with our long experience in automation with different BPMS such as TIBCO, ORACLE, AURAPORTAL, we also offer the factory modality of BPM software and process modeling.

In the Consulting modality of BA & BPM resources, we have a follow-up model and Specialized Coaching, which allows us to achieve the objectives proposed by the organization and the business. We also offer personal attention from a specialist to understand the client's requirements regarding the specialty.



  • uno praxisOptimize time, costs and resources.
  • dos praxis Improve the quality of products and services.
  • tres praxis Reduce time in the implementation of new business processes.
  • cuatro praxis Reduce time in the implementation of new business processes.
  • cinco praxis Monitoring in real time (BAM, Business Activity Monitoring).
  • seis praxis Reduce paper use for administrative controls.
  • siete praxis Implement continuous improvement projects and quality monitoring.
  • ocho praxis Improve control, monitoring and operational auditing.
  • ocho praxis Consider business rules, policies, service levels agreements (SLA's) and the organization's key performance indicators (KPI's)
  • BA

  • uno praxis Accreditation of appropriate delivery of quality services that meet client's needs and objectives.
  • dos praxis Promote collaborative work for establishing business and technological solutions.
  • tres praxis Propose successful strategies through the detection of opportunity areas and organizations' needs.
  • cuatro praxis Provide the process and best Business Analysis practices standard in accordance with BABOK®.
  • cinco praxis Provide the bases for achieving certifications like the Certified Business Analysis Professional (CBAP®) and the Certification of Competency inBusiness Analysis (CCBA®).



    Al ser una especialidad orientada a cumplir con las metas y objetivos de negocio se puede complementar con cualquier especialidad, principalmente con

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